Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Could Texas Become A Blue State Again? Not Likely Soon

Just last Thursday on July 19th, 2012 a commentary to an article was posted on a popular left winged blog “Burka Blog” found in Texas Monthly. The published blog post titled “Politico: In Austin, Obama predicts Texas will be a swingstate” explains Obama’s views as well as author Paul Burka’s thoughts on the upcoming election and their predictions on the possibility of Texas becoming a swing state. It appears that Obama also believes that Texas will become a blue state due to demographics the state of Texas. Agreeing with Obama, Burka does believe that Texas will inevitably become a blue state.

Burka offers statics supporting his argument stating, “The 2010 census foretold the future: Hispanics accounted for 65% of the state’s 25 million new residents over the decade 2000-2010. The Anglo population increased by just 4.2%.” keywords: new residents.

I do agree that Texas could eventually become a blue state in several years but ONLY if this rising number in population continues at this rate. In other words if the Hispanic population continues to grow at the rate that it is now and the Anglo population continually decreases then texas could potentially become a blue state in the long run. As far as the November elections go I don’t think in that time frame Texas could become a swing state unlike what President Obama believes.

Burka continues in his opinion, “Texas Hispanics do not vote in large numbers. Why this is so remains a mystery.” Even though Hispanics generally vote democratically, if they do not vote how then would their vast majority in population be reflected in voting? It simply would not! Therefore, the Republican Party would still have the majority in voting just by these assumptions not by any other factors.

Burka’s intended audience, voters and supporters, genuinely understand that Texas could become a Blue state like it has in the past but not anytime soon. I believe that the November elections will be either a turning point for Texas in voting demographics or will continue to still be a red state unless numbers in population continue to change at the rate that they are presently. 

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