Tuesday, July 17, 2012

University Of Texas Students Deals With Yet Another Threat

On Monday July 16th 2012, The Austin Statesman published the Article “UT Warns About Hoax Calls Regarding Students” discussing how students have recently been receiving calls falsely claiming that other students have been injured or kidnapped. Recently at least four students have called seeking money for ransom wired oversees. Just this past weekend two calls were received and the UT Police Department head, Capt. Julie Gillespie, says she has never heard calls like these from any other schools. In the article the UTPD provides steps if anyone should receive this sort of call. The following steps include:

Write down the phone number on the caller ID
Ask the caller to identify the student
Ask to speak to the student

As of right now the FBI has been alerted and will investigate further calls related to this scam. The article certainly is one that could scare numerous students as the University of Texas campus has dealt with several threats, shootings, and killings in and around campus. This article provides important precautionary measures and alerts for the events that have happened. I think it is very import to be alert with all the criminal actions that happen around campus for the safety of the students as well as the people who live or have businesses around campus. 

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