Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Commentary on "Texans and Voting"

I recently have read a fellow classmates blog titled “Jumping into Texas Government”. Blogger, Whitney wrote the post “Texans and Voting” discussing how many Texans do not vote. With the upcoming election I am sure Whitney will agree this “not voting” needs to change. Whitney discusses in her article about the need for a better knowledge about the government, I agree. I too had only taken one government class in high school and felt confused when people would ask me the most general questions about our government following that class. In her article Whitney says, “ If we continue making cuts to education, especially in Texas where we are already doing horrible statistically when it comes to education, this problem is only going to continually get worse.” Needless to say I agree with Whitney that we need to reach out to the youth so they may be able to gain more knowledge about our government as they become old enough to vote and have a voice.

I was somewhat surprised to read one of Whitney’s solutions for this problem; “We need to get some of the celebrities off the television screen and spend more money advertising something important, such as getting more Texans to vote and letting them know why it is important.” Although this would not be the first thought that comes to mind, I think that those who influence the youth the most need to start being the change we need. Personally, I think the authority in schools as well as parents at home need to help change these statistics in voting. If we want to reach out to the youth about voting we have to make them more knowledgeable as well as more confortable about their political views. 

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