Friday, August 3, 2012

Commentary on "Voter ID Laws"

I recently have read a fellow classmates blog titled “Our Fair Texas”. Blogger, Kyle Pina’s post, “Voter ID Law” discusses his viewpoints on why a valid Texas does not need to be required for voting. I had heard back in June 2012 that several Texas voter ID laws were going back to court to end the dispute on whether Texas ID’s should be required when voting. Knowing that Pina does not have a valid Texas ID and does not believe it is a necessity here is my comment about his post:

I believe there are several reasons in which Texas should require ID for voting as well as for various other purposes. In an article posted in early spring 2012 by “National Review Online” author John Fund gives several examples on why Texas needs to impose Voter ID laws. Fund states, “average voters understand that it’s only common sense to require ID because of how easy it is for people to pretend they are someone else” and with that invalid or fake ID those who are posing as others would be committing a felony. 

In CNN’s article, Texas voter ID law goes to court”, author Bill Mears provides commentary on this issue discussing, “Texas is among eight states to require official photo identification in an effort to stop what officials say is voter fraud. Opponents of the laws say they disenfranchise poor, minority and disabled voters.” I understand why Pina would oppose this, especially because he does not have a valid Texas ID but for those who are eligible to vote and encouraged to vote a valid ID is necessary.

Another reason provided by Fund debates, “people know you can’t function in the modern world without showing ID — you can’t cash a check, travel by plane or even train, or rent a video without being asked for one.” Without a Texas ID how would you be identified in case of emergency? How could you prove your own identity? These are all questions I wonder about for those who do not have a valid ID in any state. 

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